Review: Taskmaster: Series 11

Series: Taskmaster: #11

Catching up / almost back to watching these in order! I’m pretty sure I’d watched this season before, but not reviewed it, so here you go.

  • Charlotte Ritchie - She feels so out of her depth, always trying to keep things light and innocent. Bit of a running joke how she’d best fit a children’s show. She almost came close to not being completely destroyed in the final scoring.
  • Jamali Maddix - The rule breaker of the episode. I love how he approaches tasks. And it usually works, which isn’t always the case.
  • Lee Mack - Quite often misses things, but gets along the best with Greg Davis I think.
  • Mike Wozniak - The absolute star of the season. He just goes all in on whatever task you give him. And that final prize task of the series… all of the hats off to you good sir.
  • Sarah Kendall - So very Australian (based on knowing very few Australians in real life). Quite a delight.

It’s a good crowd. Sad to see them (especially Mike Wozniak) go.

Reviews of individual episodes:

(yeah, I don’t think I’m breaking it down this far again)

1. It’s not your fault

Prize: Thing you can only just carry.

Oh that’s a start. First prize submission gets a bet on it being in last… second is a warm potato.

First: Do something impressive with one hand under a table.

Oh their faces. This is a good bunch.

Betting seems to be the way of the season. And Jamali won a point!

Second: Catch the rat.

Do you remember the game mousetrap? … Yeah. Good.


Oh my.

Third: Get the plates to Alex (via bike, scooter, or hoverboard).

Charlotte just looks like she’s having such fun.

I’m so glad that at least one of them chose the hoverboard. Doubly so that it was Mike Wozniak.

Final: Bean bag bucket stack.

No. Bucket fight!

2. The lure of the treacle puppies

Prize: Best drinking vessel.

Drinking vessels. Child pottery. Whittling. A plastic cup. Oh the variability of these.

First: Make that ballon hover (untethered).

Oh Charlotte.

How many are going to lose their balloon?

Sarah: Why don’t we go inside?


Alex not telling her time was up until more than double was hilarious.

Second: (team) Argue with your team (with lots of of rules).

Mike Wozniak: My head is filled with the word duck. I keep refreshing it and it’s always duck.

Third: Make the house haunted.

I wondered why the prize head was spinning…

Hello Alex. Come play with us. Forever. And ever.

That was impressive…

I will admit though, I did not expect this to be the title task. Puppies covered in treacle.


Third: Correctly guess your standing in the group.

That’s so much milk. And so little milk.

This would be a fun party game.

Most contacts in your phone starts at hundreds? And then I counted how many I’ve collected. Not that unusual it seems.

Also also, holding 17 eggs at once. Goodness.

3. Run up a tree to the moon

Prize: Most shocking thing (etc).

So I went for a baby’s head… welded onto a dog.

(Yeah I don’t know anything else could have won…)

First: Make the sauna stones hiss (from a distance).

Not his first try.

Still quite impressive.

Second: Create the best new way to remember the month’s lengths.

Jamali just calling Greg Davis and leaving a voice mail was delightfully sideways.

Even better when it actually worked fairly well!

Third: Get all of luggage through security.

I’m actually quite surprised no one just went around.

Finding the water bottle and bags in bags in bags was delightful.

Final: Team children’s rhyme charades.

Yeah, watching them flailing around was a lot of fun. A team final task is an interesting choice. Especially one that depends so strongly on Greg Davis’ participation.

It’s like charades at Christmas with your very elderly grandad.

He’s not wrong. 😄

4. Premature Conker.

Certainly a title that one.

Prize: The craziest thing.

And the fact that I believed it is crazy…

I do enjoy when they just seem so desperate and Greg Davis gets so confused.

I think I’m giving [Mike Wozniak] crazy points because he’s crazy.


First: Get all of this banana into this bottle.

Not so hard right?

(It’s frozen.)

(The bottle is locked.)

(This show is so weird sometimes.)


What time is it? Skin time.

Second: (team) Move the salt without walking or dropping it.

Looks like fun!

They were so proud.

Amusing–given it was all over them–that they didn’t taste it.

Third: Get this sheet of loo roll as far as possible (don’t break it).

There’s the rule breaking I love this show for.

It has to stay on the roll though…

Final: Identify the five things in the bowl under the table without looking at them.

I’d almost forgotten about the episode title.

Oh this show.

That was fun.

6. Absolute Casserole

Prize: Annoying Thing

Charlotte: The concept of time.

Well. That works.

Bonus: Fartest Wins

That not a typo.

Oh that’s delightful.

I do enjoy random solo tasks. All the better when the contestant does as well.

First: Portrait the Taskmaster, using only your feet.

Only your feet, Lee. Only. Bummer too; it turned out very… something.

Charlotte refused to remove her shoes. I get it.

Jamali… just kept stomping paint. It went everywhere. I actually really like the result.

Second: (team) Creatively Vandalize this Wall

Jamali. More stomping. An episode for stomping. Follow by “can we get a blowtorch”.

I did not understand the scoring for this one.

Third: Identify breaded “food”–Weirdly

You may really stamp on one.

Jamali go!

Who … breads a kiwi and a grape?

(They get weirder.)

I’m going to let her get away with her aggressive grape lick.


Final: Tie the string to glasses, put them on.

MATH! Surprisingly.

Jamali of course just started stomping.

Tie breaker?!? Shoot rubber bands at Alex.

That’s the task really.

7. You’ve Got No Chutzpah

Prize: Best non-wall wall thing.

There’s an outside risk of crucification (sic)

Presented without context.

Because really, what context could there be?

First: An Alphabet of Tasks

Of all the chutzpah to be had… a vole.

Second: Matroshka Meal

And then Alex ate them.

Jamali: You know, I trained to be a chef. Greg Davis: Yeah, I can see why you’re a comedian.

Third: (team) Get out. Don’t set off the alarm.

I’ve never solved a puzzle before… and I’m still not sure how I solved it.

Red. Red. Red. Red red red. Red red. Red.

Final: Make your gloves and wellies as heavy as possible while wearing them

Some of these just look fun.

Is that weird?

8. An Orderly Species

Alex will represent the division of North and South Korea in a disco break dance style, singing a funk song.

I’m honestly impressed.

Prize: Wobbly

A literal jelly belly.

That is all.

Sarah: And I wanted it so hard, the end came off and I had to gaffer it back on.

She’s so Australian.

First: Eat, blow, and say metronome.

As Alex called out… the subtitles are wonderful.

Sarah: Oh f***. Metronome.


I think they broke Lee.

Sarah: That’s what parenting feels like.

Jamali recording himself was a nice touch. It’s such a toss up if Greg will actually go for it…

Second: (team) Draw a British animal together. In parts. Without communicating.

Alex: Even if you’re pissing in the dark, you know roughly where to aim.

Alex got them 3D printed (or otherwise fabricated). Delightful.

Third: Announce airline safety in a language / accent not your own.

Charlotte: I’m so sorry… everyone.

Lee’s accent being (almost) American was fun.

Mike Wozniak’s German was so cheerful.

Final: Convince Greg you’re not standing on one or both legs

Go for the mind games? Or just straight up 50/50?

Sarah has a lot of hair.

9. Mr Octopus and Pottyhands

It’s almost over! Such a delightful cast–be sad to have to move on.

Prize: Nattiest Knitwear

Lee–commissioned face included sweaters. Charlotte’s face…

Alex: 55 frogs on a shrug.

Charlotte’s… does not look like a nose warmer…And that won! She’s been doing so terribly this season; she seems so surprised.

First: Make weather.

Jamali. The end of times.

Mike Wozniak. Backup rainbow.

Charlotte: Still doing weirdly well.

Second: Topple a yogurt tower.

Sarah: Why did it fall down? Alex: I don’t think it was built very well.

She also didn’t seem to recognize a drill.

Sarah: … I probably should have used the zzzz (drill noises). … All right I don’t know what a drill is.

Charlotte continues to win!

Third: Take 4 very different timed pictures.

Lee with melon breasts and a lobster penis. Lee in a dress and makeup. On a cow.

Jamali as a white dude–he’s playing golf.

Jamali: I have a very narrow view about what you people do.

Mike Wozniak…


Charlotte doing the children’s show thing. And got 4th anyways!

Sarah did it too. 😄

Final: Floppy fish curling.

And in the end, Charlotte chokes. Wins anyways! Probably only 20 or so behind now…

Oh the dramatic music.

10. Activate Jamali

A backless suit?

Prize: Thing that makes you look the toughest.

Lee: His theory was–nobody mocks a man with a coat hanger on his head.

Mike Wozniak’s giant crown hat was amazing. But beneath it. Just… wow. Mike Wozniak is amazing.

First: Make a dinosaur with this photocopier.

Sarah proceeds to immediately shoot Alex in the face with a stapler.

Alex: Are you finished? Lee: NO KEEP GOING … Lee: Thank you Alex. I enjoyed that. Alex: I didn’t.

Also, of all the people to reference Human Centipede… Charlotte?!

Second: Scientifically work out the weight of Alex’s feet and head.

Lee getting Alex to stick his head into a pot of water. And then writing math all over him with a sharpie.

He gets this show.

Charlotte: I just don’t think our weight is evenly distributed between head… shoulders, knees, and toes.

I can hear Greg’s response already.

Sarah: How many fish fingers do you reckon you could stick in an Alex Horne foot.

Third: (team) Direct blind teammate, instructions every 30 seconds

Mike Wozniak gallantly flipping was delightful.

The team of three being a team of three … was hilariously inept. Tuuuuuuurn was a good idea!

Final: Get dressed while keeping your head still

He actually has a backless suit.


That’s certainly a thing.

Charlotte absolutely nailing the final task of the season was rather on brand.


5. Slap and tong

I somehow managed to miss this one and thus watched it last.

Prize: Best operatable thing.

I’m greatly amused that Charlotte brought a drill and Sarah just didn’t question it…

First: Cover your lower half in clingfilm and gaffer tape.

Of course there’s a part 2.

I’m impressed with Jamali’s obvious (in hindsight) advantage.

Second: Uniform this bee (in a beekeeping outfit).

Trying to make tiny bee keeping outfits is so much fun.

Greg Davis: Does the pope wear a uniform? … Greg: No where in the world has anyone ever referred to the pope’s clothing as a uniform. Charlotte: You’ve asked everybody have you? … Charlotte: So what would you call it? Greg: I’m going to put my pope garb on. Charlotte: Garb… all right.

Lee’s Beevil Knievel was a pretty awesome idea, not going to lie. Frozen pea helmet and all.

Third: Arrange things based on number of sides (with your face).

How many sides does a banana have?!

I … did not expect then Darkness Goggles (tm).

Or Sarah to just lick everything.


Oh Jamali.

I used to have a career…

Final: (team!) Marshmallow grab and bat.

Another one that looks fun! And a team final task. What strangeness.

And Charlotte wins! A wonderful(ly unexpected) end to the series. I find it amusing that the only two episodes she won (5 and 9) were the drill centric (lol) episodes.