Review: Heidi

It’s a cute little story of a little girl with quite the tough start on life, finding (and bringing out) love in everyone she meets.

Heidi is just so innocent and fun. Her grandfather is the prototypical gruff old man with a heart of gold. Peter–the Goat General–is hilarious and a fun counter to the overwhelming wholesomeness. Clara you just want the best for–and yay magical mountain air!

There’s not much in the way of plot, but that’s all right. You’re still going to get a chance to live vicariously through Heidi for a few hours.

There’s probably a lesson in there touching on ideas of homeschooling, parental rights, and living outdoors and off the land, but really, it’s more a matter of the times (written in 1880) than anything. Take it as you will.

Worth the read, especially if you have little ones.