Review: Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel

Series: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2016): #1.5

Series: Star Wars (2015): #5.5

Series: Marvel Star Wars

Series: Star Wars (All - Release Order)

Series: Star Wars (All - Chronological Order)


With Doctor Aphra… and Black Krrsantan? (And the droids of course).

That certainly has potential! Force Vampires! (of course that’s a thing) The titular “Screaming Citadel”—delightfully Gothic. Mind control brain crabs. It’s got it all!

It’s a little ridiculous at times and leans far more into the fantasy side of Star Wars, but I enjoyed it.

I do enjoy seeing more of Doctor Aphra. Especially with Luke so… trusting.

I should go check out the Doctor Aphra series at some point!

Side note, I loved this panel:

Oh Triple Zero. Such a fun dark C-3PO.