Review: Broken Soul

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #8

That’s quite a book.

At first, it’s more of the same. Jane dealing with vampire politics and her own love life as things just keep getting a bit crazier.

And then we learn that the European vampires are coming to visit. And they might just want to poke their noses into various artifacts Jane has picked up through the books–or that Leo has and Jane hasn’t realized yet… Including another big piece of vampire history.

And then we get a whole deeper look into the metaphysics of the Jane’s universe. Light dragons. More about what the Mercy Blade actually is. More about Soul. And perhaps–more about how Jane’s own history and powers might fit in with all of it. It’s going quite a different direction than most Urban Fantasy I’ve read and I’m fascinated to see where this is going.

Plus, it’s a major upgrade for Jane’s powers–which she may very well need to survive–even if it comes at quite the cost.

Like I said, it gets crazier.

And on top of all that, we actually get a bit of a straight forward–well, relative to what’s come before–relationship for Jane!

“For a reason or a season," he said. “For a year or a lifetime. For a poem or a song. For a victorious battle or a bloody death. For honor. I would stand by you for as long as I might live.”

It’s about time… I hope the best for them, at least for a little while.

It’s a crazy book and worth the read if you’ve already made it this far. Even if (minor spoilers) … we don’t actually even get to the European vampires for the most part!

Side note: Almost the second book by that title I’ve reviewed!