Review: Fire Ice

Series: NUMA Files: #3

Another day (week?), another Cussler. I feel like I’ve read this one before, but that’s sort of the appeal of all of these books–some quasihistorical inciting incident (that happens on or near the oceans) then jump to the present time to find the resulting shipwreck and deal with the secret organization (for example) that’s trying to RULE THE WORLD.

This time with more Russia.

We have the daughters of Nikolai II, last Emperor of Russia–on the run with all the royal jewels, including one very shiny crown.

Cut to the modern era, we have a Russian spy who’s gone toe to toe with Kurt Austin several times over the years, a manic trying to blow up the ocean floor and cause tsunamis, and gangs of modern neo-Cossacks trying to bring back Mother Russia.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin–a NUMA Files novel–and quite the adventure for all that. Formulaic, but a fun listen.