Review: Taskmaster: Series 10

Series: Taskmaster: #10

I’m so not watching these in order. But they’re back on YouTube in the US! So let’s catch up.

It’s a fun season. We have:

  • Daisy Mae Cooper: So pregnant. And quite often unfiltered, which is a lot of fun.
  • Johnny Vegas: You just want everything to go right for the guy… and it so often does not. My favorite this time around.
  • Katherine Parkinson: Impressively bad about missing parts of tasks. Felt bad for her, but didn’t want to.
  • Richard Herring: Dry humor and weirdly competent at the tasks.
  • Mawaan Rizwan: The one that tries to break everything. And gives Greg Davis so many ‘you did what now’ moments.

It’s a good season.

Reviews of individual episodes:

1. God’s Haemorrhoid

An introduction! Daisy Mae Cooper is so pregnant. Johnny Vegas and Richard Herring are so dry. Mawaan Rizwan is trying to break things already. And Katherine Parkinson is there?

You looked like a determined little boy. Trying to prove himself to daddy.

Oh the egg task. Balloons. Helium. Eggs?

What have we learned today? We’ve learned that you can’t fill an egg with helium!

2. A Documentary About a Despot

They’re all settling in now. Making funny noises and everything!

I enjoy scavenger hunt style team tasks.

It’s amazing how different the people take different tasks.


3. Point of Swivel

Task: Best thing with a spring in it. Mawaan: Bring in a mattress. A memory foam mattress. And yet somehow… second place! This show is wonderfully random.


… this show.

The number of times Mawaan tries to cheat.

Mawaan: Well, I still get paid for this show, right? … Mawaan: Okay, for that four minutes in the task… I was a sneaky pasta snake. (APPLAUSE)

Also also Johnny Vegas breaking a ladder while building a shoeapult? Delightful. After all:

Johnny: It’s a shame my hands aren’t my feet.

4. Toshwash

Make this phone ring.

Again, I like the scavenger hunt ones.

Thrusting edible spheres towards the Taskmaster? Live?! A good one.

5. I Hate Your Trainers

Katherine. Can you beat the laziest person in this room?

Turns out, yes. That’s the point.

Best task?

Your score is the weight of the bagged object in grams multiplied by the distance from the bagging machine in centimeters.

Oh that started delightfully weird. And it only went better from there.

Also: feeding each other watermelon is hilarious. Feeding each other watermelon… while maintaining social distancing? Even more wonderful.

Covid was (and is) strange inducing.

Even better best task? Say the most unique 4 letter words in a row…

Why yes. Daisy Mae Cooper went there.


6. Hippopotamus

The most narcissistic thing. Because of course.

Trying to make a cocktail while not making sounds over 60 dB is delightful.

Moving water is always a hoot. Especially when the contestants miss things.

All the tasks were really fun.

7. Legit Glass

Oh, I’m sorry. Have you not played remote control avoid the mini robots.

… as one does.

The final task and sound effects? Delightful.

8. Moments of Silence

The red green! Always a good time.


(And it gets even better when you consider the disqualifications!)

This is such a weird show. And an uncomfortable final task.

9. Air Horn Andy

Pillows with Greg’s and Alex’s faces. That is all.

Five subtasks that are much easier in certain orders… but you have no idea which task is which? A lot of fun to watch.

Nice to have it confirmed… that she eats like a psychotic tiger.

Count the balls in the basket? Fun!

Draw a monster with 3 legs and two more legs and another leg. Best final task of the series.

10. Dog Meat Trifle

Greg insanely ridiculing Katherine during the prize task? Hilarious. Daisy trying so hard to say phenomenon? Even better.

Welly’ing a giant spider? My new favorite task of the season.

I’m amused how ten episodes in, Katherine finally gets away with (more or less) ignoring part of the rules. I think the ask felt sorry for her at this point.

And so it ends!