Review: The Sunlit Man

Series: The Cosmere

Series: Year of Sanderson: #4

And so ends the Year of Sanderson. Tress and Yumi already hinted at new and interesting worlds in the far future of the The Cosmere, but the connections were (relatively) small parts of the story.

The Sunlit man is a bit more tied in.

It’s still in the far future. And oh, the hints we get at where the Cosmere is going… but this time, we have a protagonist we’ve met before, chock full of references to stories we’ve seen–and a few that haven’t happened yet. I won’t go into who it is–spoilers!–but it’s a neat surprise.

Overall, it’s a solid story as all the Cosmere secret projects have been. I think I prefer Tress and Yumi over Sunlit Man, but it’s by absolutely no means a bad book.

I think my only real negative is… I want more! More of protagonist. More of the Night Brigade. More of this weird offshoot society. More worldbuilding and magic.

And I’m worried we won’t see more/any of this for at the very least a very long time.

It’s still very worth the read.

A few small parts I particularly enjoyed:

Threnodites and their Puritanical nature:

Wait. His name was Adonalsium-Will-Remember-Our-Plight-Eventually? That was the best one Nomad had heard yet. He really needed to keep a list of these Threnodite names.

Been a while since we’ve seen them.

I like how Sanderson builds societies. Especially cursing.

“You blessed fool,” Hardy said. “We’re all a group of blessed fools.”
Wait, the knight says. Is that fellow using the word “blessed” as…as a curse?
“It’s a conservative religious society,” Nomad said in Alethi. “You use the tools you’re given.” Then, before any of the others could interject, he spoke in their language. “I’ll be going out into the storm, not any of you. We brought you because Zeal insisted that I have you here for backup.”

The future of the Cosmere:

They wore small metal ornaments at the sides of their faces, triangular, with red enamel. These were TimeTellers, one faction among the many Scadrian political movements. Theoretically they were neutral in the current conflicts.

That one at least expect we’ll see in Mistborn Era 3/4, so there’s a chance!