Review: Black Arts

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #7

Ooh, now that’s a fun one. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen Molly and the Trueblood family–what with killing her sister gone evil and all. I missed them. The dynamic between Jane and Molly was interesting, as was the relationship between Molly and her husband Evan (from what relatively little we saw of it). And Angie is fascinating–so much potential for crazy things to happen there.

So when Evan almost literally blows into town, blaming Jane for Molly gone missing? Only for some of Katie’s girls gone missing as well. And a new (old) vampire from out of town come visiting. All at the same time?

Well, things are bound to get interesting–all together perhaps my favorite book of the series thus far.

Great parts:

The entire drama with the Trueblood family. They care about each other and that makes everything all the more difficult. And the changes to Molly are fascinating.

The growing relationship between Jane and Leo. I did not expect this one. See her growing enough in power? Getting a view into some of his motivations? Him actually realizing that he did wrong–and trying to rectify that? Oh I like that.

Jane coming into the open as a Skinwalker–and perhaps a bit more.

Jane dealing with the trauma from her first life–and realizing that perhaps she doesn’t have to be evil, if she doesn’t want to be.

Beast. Beast remains delightful.

Weak side:

Still more relationship drama. Perhaps the decision will be taken away from her. That would be good. But still. Seven books in. This far into the series Mercy Thompson was (more or less) happily married