Review: Black Mirror: Season 1

Series: Black Mirror: #1

Been meaning to watch this for years. Finally got around to it.

It’s interesting; especially for only have three episodes in the first season.

The first episode is kind of weird and by far the least ‘sci-fi’ of the bunch–this could happen now.

The second though starts out as fairly straight forward near future dystopia and then goes dark from there. I like it.

And the third–take a concept (recording everything), apply the concept to imperfect (honestly fairly terrible) people and see what breaks. It’s great.

I’m looking forward to season 2!

Episode by episode reviews:

1. The National Anthem

This is virgin territory Prime Minister. There is no playbook.

Well, that’s certainly one way to put it.

They had to know, right?

It’s kind of amazing for next to nothing happening, how intense it all is. And how there’s no real reason for it all in the end.

Quite a place to start. Bit weird. I was expecting something a bit more sci-fi.

2. Fifteen Million Merits

Ah. That’s the dystopian sci-fi I was expecting from this show.

An entire life built around riding bikes and watching ads. And a once in a lifetime chance to compete at a singing competition?

Nope. Far more sinister than that.

3. The Entire History of You

Perfect shareable memory. It would be great to remember more sometimes… but of course this is the perfect darker mirror of what could be. (black even :D)

I don’t think perfect memory is really the issue here…