Review: Blood Trade

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #6

Onward in Jane’s ever increasing trials and tribulations in the world(s) of the VAMPIRES!

On the upside, I really love Jane’s new found family in Eli and the Kid. It’s great to have someone close to her that she can rely on more directly than all the on again off again allies, potential lovers (as screwed up as many of those are), and other relationships she’s had through the series.

“And we don’t give a rat’s ass that you’re a skinwalker,” the Kid added. I heard the slap on the back of his head, and my smile went even wider. He’d braved a head slap to reassure me in that gutsy, bigmouthed way teenaged boys have. “As long as you don’t shift and get hungry enough to think about us as dinner. ’Cause, like, that would, like, totally suck.”

On another upside, it’s fascinating to dig more into Jane’s more recent past. Not hundreds of years ago when she was born (still needing more of that), but her life as a child and a few into her badass (if lonely) way of dealing with all of that.

Worldbuildingwise, the Vampires continue to get more complicated. Bruiser is an Onario now? Whatever that is. Sounds neat. And whatever Soul actually is? More of that please! For whatever reason, I like injections of weird, unique things in urban fantasy.

On the downside, relationship drama. She really needs to get over Rick. That’s not an option (for now). Just move on. Bruiser would be great. Leo (relationshipwise) is a whole heaping mess and I hope that’s not a serious option. Or any of the other men, really. Just… it’s been six books. Move on already.

Overall, it’s a fun adventure and I really look forward to what’s going to happen next!