Review: The Boys: Season 3

Series: The Boys: #2

Things just keep getting more bonkers and bloody. Really, if you made it this far, you’re probably going to love Season 3.

The Boys are (still) out to deal with Homelander… and they may just have found the weapon to do it. Only this time the solution is perhaps eve more expensive than the cost.

Homelander is really the (wonderful terrible) heart of the show. Anthony Starr is amazing.

We have a few new supes running around (in secret). And all sorts of ones we knew about doing even more terrible and deprived things in general.

And in the end, the more things change, the more things stay the same. But worse.

I’m looking forward to Season 4. It’s weird to be caught up.

Mini-reviews per episode (some spoilers):

1. Payback

Fake Stormfront saying the exact same things as real Stormfront? Delightful.

The absolutely weirdest Ant-Man equivalent death scene? This show is so weird at times.

Also… Stormlight is still mostly alive . That’s certainly a (disturbing) thing.

Also also… temporary V. This is the right time for that to show up (versus the comics).

Overall, I’m liking the time jump and living Hughie moving into a supe control government role. Now where will it go from here…

2. The Only Man in the Sky

Frenchie: A hamburger with a donut for a bun? There really is no God here.

Of course that’s what he found objectionable.

That theme park was spectacular.

And like everything else in this show ends in gore. It’s kind of impressive really.

Anyways. This is the one where Homelander really breaks… right? How much further can he even go at this point?

Oh things are going to get messy. Er.

3. Barbary Coast

The Boys are back in town. Oh thats such a terrible dynamic all around.

Starlight trying to do the right thing from the inside? Good for her, but… this can’t possibly go well. Especially now that Homelander has finally realized that there’s ’nothing anyone can do about him’. Oh my.

Kimiko and Ryan was pretty cute.

And then… there’s backstory.

Young Mallory: Is this a joke? Supes aren’t soldiers. They’re undisciplined dip shits. Untrained and untested. They do not belong in a war zone. They belong on That’s Incredible!

4. Glorious Five Year Plan

Super strength makes anything a weapon.

Even a dildo.

I’m not sure if that makes it more or less ridiculous than the similar scene in Everything Everywhere All at Once… but the vibration at the end was certainly a nice (?) touch.

Also… what exactly what would it take to kill Kimiko?

Also also temporary V. Oh boy.

Also the third, Soldier Boy. That’s… a thing.

5. The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies

Butcher… and MAEVE ?! That’s a choice.

Blue Hawk: Supe lives matter.

Oooh boy.

And… Soldier Boy. This should be interesting.

6. Herogasm

Some scenes may not be suitable for some, really most, let’s be honest, all viewers. But rest assured that any consensual relationships depicted, be they human, animal, superhero, or other, aren’t real, harmed no one, and in fact cost a hilariously large amount in visual effects.

Oh my.

Bringing that pandemic “Imagine” video into universe? Amusing.

Homelander getting that mirror scene? Oh… Homelander. Anthony Starr is amazing in that role.

But now we have a new contender for absolute power, corrupting absolutely.

On to the title of the episode. Herogasm. A private party makes a lot more sense than how they tried to fit it into the comics.

7. Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed

So that’s what’s been going on with Black Noir. Every time I think this show has found some sort of limit, there’s some new, interesting aspect of “what if real people had super powers” to contend with.


Soldier Boy: First, I don’t have shell shock…

Uh huh.

8. The Instant White-Hot Wild

That is a lot of supe on supe violence. In a number of unexpected pairings too.

The only question now is… What happens next? And really… what actually changed?

Oy this show.