Review: Thornhedge

Another day, another Kingfisher. And once again, I quite enjoyed it.

This time, we have a novella length story that takes Rapunzel and turns it more than a bit sideways. As the blurb says:

There’s a princess trapped in a tower. This isn’t her story.

Instead, we get Toadling. Raised by the fae with the power to turn into a frog and some other minor magics of her own, she ends up standing guard over a girl in a tower for years and years–centuries really, it’s not entirely clear; nor does it particularly matter.

I quite enjoyed the different take on the story–I do love a good fairy story. I enjoyed the character of Toadling. The idea of the bramble and a gift gone awry. Not a huge fan of the idea of straight up pure evil in general and it doesn’t work any better here (spoilers I suppose?). But it’s a small enough part of the story that I don’t think it particularly detracts.

A good book. A quick read. Worth it.