Review: The Boys: Season 2

Series: The Boys: #2

Managed to get away for a bit since [[The Boys: Season 1|season 1]]; sometimes life happens (but not for everyone in the Boys…). But I finally made it through season 2.

Man this is a violent bloody show.

It’s still quite the exploration for ‘what if superheroes were real… and terrible’ that really draws you in, but now with more terrible corporations. And Nazis. Because of course we had to go there. It actually works really well, the conflict of benefiting from Nazi science is a big deal.

I still really enjoy (in a twisted way) how terrifying Antony Starr plays Homelander. If he goes off the rails, what exactly are you going to do to stop him?

Plus show Hughie (really all of the ’the Boys’) is far better than his comic counterpart. It’s fascinating to see him well out of his comfort zone, both in relationships (especially with Starlight) and all the madcap shenanigans Butcher’s gang gets up to.

Plotwise, mostly Nazis, but Compound V not only getting revealed the the characters, but also going public? We haven’t nearly seen the ramifications of that. Hoping to see more of that in Season 3.

Overall, great show. Very much deserves the R rating. Onward.

Per episode mini-reviews (spoilers, especially for episodes before the given review):

1. The Ride

Translucent’s funeral. Homelander makes a speech, Starlight sings, The Deep gets drunk (heh; drowning his troubles), and t-shirts–two for $64.

Hughie and Starlight. Got some issues. Still working it out. Probably going to get everyone caught.

The Deep. Why must they try to make us feel sorry for the Deep.

And… Homelander is nuts. But we knew that.

And and… Stormfront. Ooh Stormfront.

Quite a thing to meet Mr. Edgar and learn about the history of Vought. Nazis all the way down.

2. Proper Preparation and Planning

Girls get it done—until the past comes back to bite Maeve. And Stormlight is the perfect anti-hero… too perfect?

The Deep goes on a trip—and gets some advice from… his gills.

Homelander … is unhinged. And has a son apparently. Poor kid.

Starlight and A-Train. Mutually assured destruction.

Man it’s a mess of a world writ bloody. Onward!

3. Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men

Compound V goes public.

This goes well.

Also… Speedboat vs … whale. Holy crap this show sometimes.

And… Stormfront. Says what we all wish we could say. Take it to the man. And… super racist. Turns out, not a good person.

4. Nothing Like it in the World

Road trip! Oh Hughie and MM. And Starlight I suppose. And now we know (again) that Stormfront has had issues for a while.

Revelations! Homelander outing Maeve and I don’t even know for sure if he was trying to do the right thing…

And then there’s the scenes with Homelander and Doppelgänger. That’s… certainly something.

Butcher and Becca. Expected that one. Still makes you feel for him though.

5. We Gotta Go Now

Homelander: I’m inspired. Girls get it on. Barrett: Done. Girls get it done.

And that’s not nearly the worse thing he’s up to–in the first five minutes of the episode.

But it’s okay… because he holds it in and only imagines torching crowds.

Also Black Noir and stuff. Weird plot. (Not as weird as the comics?)

Aside: Seeing Greg Grunberg in a supe story was amusing. Heroes this is not.

6. The Bloody Doors Off

So… tough but not impenetrable skin. I wonder how that works.

Also… Homelander and Stormfront. That’s a ‘fun’ feedback loop.

Also Lamplighter! Heard about that. Vaught continues to be involved in all the things.

Stormlight backstory though… Born in Nazi Germany. Married to Vaught. The first Compound V Supe. That's certainly something.

7. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Radicalization and the power of social media. Oy.

Hughie and Lamplight. Bonding…

Hughie Campbell: This isn’t healthy, man. You can’t watch porn while the sun’s out.

Think he’s going to need to give him a hand with… everything.

8. What I Know

Frenchie: Wile E. Coyote. Always chases Roadrunner, always with an elaborate plan, always fails. You know, I always say, Why do this, Coyote? All you need is an AR-15, and ‘meep-meep’ no more.

Pretty much this show in a nutshell. Frenchie is delightful (in the same twisted way everyone in this show is).

Also, Becca going to Butcher for help. That’ll go well. I’m sure.

Also also a girl power scene that fits so much better than the one in Endgame.

Frenchmen: Girls do get it done.

A bloody end to a bloody season.