Review: Secret Invasion

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #34.1

Series: MCU Phase 5: #2.1

Series: MCU TV: #10

Overall, it’s fine. It’s interesting to see some spy stories in the MCU, even if they’re light on the spy stuff. It’s great to have Fury again, even if (in hindsight) I was perfectly fine without knowing more about Fury’s backstory. And the introduction of Super Skrulls? Well, I didn’t really need that in the MCU. Wasn’t a fan of it in either of the previous story lines I’ve read them in (Ultimate Fantastic Four and Runaways).

But you know what I really think bothers me about the Skrull? All through the Infinity Saga, we’re supposed to believe they’ve been here, working with Fury. And we never heard even a hint about them. I get it. They’re shapeshifters. The perfect secret agents. Still weird to add something like this after 15 years…

If it had been something tied into each movie and show, leading up to an event (like the Infinity Saga), it could have worked. As it is, it really feels like the concept of an MCU is working against them here.

So it goes.


Reviews of individual episodes. Spoilers, especially in latter episodes for former ones.

Episode Reviews

1. Resurrection

Maria: Talos. Talos: It’s me. Maria: What the hell are you doing here?Talos: I’m chasing him. Maria: He was one of you. Talos: No, he’s… He… He’s one of them.

Anyone could be a Skrull!

And apparently even one of the factions within the Skrull.

But seriously. Everybody be Skrull’ed.

Trying to remember who any of these people are is tricky. And that’s even when they have their own faces.

Emilia Clarke will be interesting. Not exactly the Mother of Dragons.

And no way that's how Hill dies...

2. Promises

Tell me something I don’t know? A million Skrull…

Nick Fury: There is not enough room or tolerance on this planet for another species!

I feel like at this point everyone is secretly a Skrull. Rhodey? Skrull. Sonya? Skrull. Fury? Double Skrull.

3. Betrayed

That’s… kind of a weird episode. I get that they need to show what the Skrulls can actually do, but … that really should not be how nuclear submarines practically work, right?

In any case:

  • Super Skrulls! Saw them in Ultimate Fantastic Four and Runaways and I’m sure they’ve come up in other comics I haven’t read (yet)… but I’m still not sure what to think about it. I suppose shapeshifters could shape shift into super abilities?

  • The relationship between Talos and Fury is weird. They’ve worked together for 30 years, but it feels like they barely know each other. I suppose they’ve been on the outs for a while, but still.

    Our unit doesn’t exist, Fury. That means I don’t work for you.

  • G’iah is really bad at this spy stuff. Like… we only have six episodes to get caught, but it didn’t have to be quite so obvious, did it?

Anyways. Onward?

4. Beloved

In which we learn about Fury’s wife. Interesting story. Bit weird (like everything) for it to come up now.

A presidential assassination. Feels wrong.

Especially with how everyone there still seems to trust Fury.

On the other hand Gravik doing Groot things is pretty amusing. Not really a super power though, is it? Just… Groot? Or is mixing species that hard?

Also: called it. Everyone is Skrulls. Not sure what I think about that… how long has he been a Skrull?

5. Harvest

And so it all accelerates.

Sonya learns some turns.

Priscilla and G’iah morn Talos (without Fury…).

And the world marches to Nuclear War.

At least they try to justify not calling in the Avengers. Badly.

6. Home

Giant final battle!

Somewhat underwhelming.

All that power and for the most part they punch each other a bunch.

(The initial twist was fun though)

And then the ending.

The President declared open war on the Skrull. G'iah is theoretically more powerful than anyone. And suddenly in charge.

And I bet we’ll never hear about any of it…