Review: Death's Rival

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #5

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Or stomp loudly and carry enough firepower to start a small war. Whatever worked.

And so continues the saga of Jane Yellowrock (and Beast!).

This time around, there’s a vampire plague, a new (old) vampire making a play for territory, and Jane accidentally making promises she certainly doesn’t mean to–and perhaps starting a war for her troubles.

It’s a solid book.

I love the continued world building. Filling in more about the vampires, both their history and their rebels. More about where Jane came from–bloody as that is–and how the latter ties into the former (because of course it does).

I adore Beast and the continued love/hate/stuck with you relationship between Beast and Jane. Switching points of view is just delightful and one of the things that really makes this series unique.

I … do not care so much for the love tangle. It’s such a mess. She’s hot for what feels half the cast of the books. She’s on again off again (even within the one book) Rick once again. She’s willing to forgive Bruiser just about anything it seems. And Leo… is such a terrible option, why does she even consider that? Why does Beast?

And finally it’s a bit weird reading how Jane continues to have trouble when she kills people.

“A scorpion’s nature is to sting. A raptor’s nature is to rend and tear flesh. Did he do that which was normal and right according to his nature?”
“Yes,” I whispered.
“And your nature is to protect and to serve. Did you do that which was normal and right according to your nature?”

Which when you really think about it; she should be troubled. And it’s good the book deals with it. But it’s the nature of her job. We’re five books in now. It just feels weird.

I’m not sure what to think about that.

As a last point:

Hayyel had offered Beast freedom. Had offered Beast new life. Beast had refused. Did not want to leave Jane.

It feels like we didn’t quite get time to digest the ending of of Raven Cursed… did I miss something?

Anyways, still loving the series. Onward!