Review: Downton Abbey: Season 6

Series: Downton Abbey: #6

And so it ends.

Downton Abbey Season 6 is a strange beast. On one hand, we have what feels all the cast pairing off, sometimes with long known relationships and in the cast of the Family with guys we only met in the previous season.

For what it’s worth, I still do not really understand the relationship between Mary and Henry. I think it’s mostly Mary. She certainly ebbs and flows… but wow she’s a (sorry, but Edith says it too) bitch at times. On the other hand, Edith and Bertie? Delightful. If expected for the chaos.

On top of that, the world is moving on. Is Downton Abbey going to survive? With reductions in expected staff and families around the world failing, it’s

But with all those relationships wow do the last few episodes blitz through what feels like every plotline possible in only a few hours. I do wonder if they thought they’d have a 7th season. But so it goes. For the most part, everything is tied off neatly. And for everything else… apparently there are two movies?

As a final note, if you’ve been lamenting the torture the writers have put the Bates’ through over the year… well, they’re not quite done. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m glad for that.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it. Much more than I expected to, as I seem to say with all non-SF/F shows I end up watching. Still not something I would have chosen, still quite enjoyable.


Episode by episode (potential spoilers, especially for earlier episodes):

Episode #6.1

Sic transit gloria mundi
Thus passes the glory of the world.

It’s been the specter all these years: the times are changing… and Downton will eventually be on the way out.

And this time it might actually stick?

Also, Mary and her controversies. Oh Mary. At least this one she brought on herself.

And the Bates and their troubles. Oh the Bates. They deserve something good.

And finally Carson and Hughes. Cute. Awkward. Delightful.

Episode #6.2

Oh, all the things.

Marigold and Edith. Edith and her editor. Not sure what to do there…

The Bates and their continuing troubles. The poor Bates. Maybe a hint of a glimmer of hope?

And finally Carson and Hughes. A bit at arms, but in a good way I think.

Mrs. Hughes: [to Carson] I’m the bride - we’ll be doing it your way for the next 30 years, but the wedding day is mine !

Episode #6.3

Mrs. Hughes: For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish and to obey, ’til death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance.
Mr. Carson: With this ring, I thee wed. With my body, I thee worship. All my worldly goods, I thee endow, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.


Also Edith’s magazine! Her and Pelham are so cute. I’m hopeful.

Also also the hospital drama … is so weird. It just keeps going on.

Also the third… oh, how Daisy has changed. Good for her, but oh the trouble she’s causing.

Episode #6.4

Lady Shackleton: How can I present myself if I don’t know the facts…
Violet: It never stopped me!

Ooh the hospital plot line.

Edith: [re Isobel] I suppose she is entitled to put up an argument.
Violet: Of course she is. She’s just not allowed to win it.

In any case…

Gwen! That was a surprise. Her and Tom were cute. And the memories of Sybil. And Barrow is quite the ass, but what else is new.

Episode #6.5

Huh. Well that’s Andy’s secret. Thomas on an upshot.

Oh Denker. She’s certainly something. The best part of it all. Septimus Spratt. 😃

And the continuing troubles of the hospital. All the drama of this ending? That might very well decide it. Quite the way to get there.

Episode #6.6

I feel like they’re really reaching for seeing for Daisy to do. Jealousy is a weird one.

The chaos of the open house was quiet enjoyable though.

Oh Violet. I don’t expect there’s long enough to let that one breathe but it’s certainly a thing.

Episode #6.7

Oh the Carsons. It’s really just bringing Mr. Carson’s strict, severe nature to the forefront. He just isn’t any good at being happy. Ms. Patmore’s plan… absolutely delightful.

Barrow… is being forced out of everything. And it’s sometimes how hard it is to remember how much a colossal ass he’s made of himself over the years. Such is life.

And yet it’s so bizarre that Mary is being set up with a race car driver after everything. Especially… well. You’ll see. They’ve been an odd couple all season.

Weird to think there are only two episodes left.

Episode #6.8

And suddenly Edith and Bernie have ALL THE PLOT AT ONCE! Lies and promotions and betrayal all at once. Oh poor Edith. That had better be resolved in the next one!

Mary Mary, quite contrary. She started out something of a mess. So I suppose (almost) ending that way makes some sense? Don’t care for it.

Molesley moving on–or trying to–and Barrow cannot. Oy.

So very much for a single episode… I wonder if they expected another season. So it goes.

Side note / B plot:

Sergeant Willis: There is some concern Haughton-le-Skerne will be in the news, as a site of a house of ill repute.
Mrs. Patmore: A house of ill repute?


C plot:

Spratt! It had to be someone. But Spratt! Double delightful.

Christmas Special

Everyone paring off / moving on! Oh how a series finale does go.

Especially, I’m happy for Edith and Bertie. I think we all knew that had to end well.

Oh and Lord Merton and Isobel was the best. Oh Violet did not expect that one.

Still rushed, but not quite as bad as episode 8.

Side note:

[Spratt is busy writing his magazine column when Miss Denker comes in; Spratt hastily hides what he has been working on]
Miss Denker: What are you doing?
Spratt: [evasively] Mind your own business.
Miss Denker: Mr Spratt. I know you resent me.
Spratt: Why would I resent you?
Miss Denker: Because I’m interesting. Because I’m exotic. Because I’m attractive.
Spratt: Oh dear me. This is worse than I thought. Do you always have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction?

Still not much a fan of either of them… but that was a wonderful exchange.