Review: The Scourge Between Stars

Humanity screwed up. To get us out of it, we sent a generation ship to the stars. But when we got there… it wasn’t any better, so they turned around to go home. On the way back… well, we just might not be alone.

A generation ship is a great setting for a sci-fi/horror mashup. There really is nowhere to run but plenty of places to hide.

The idea of things lurking out there between the stars? Terrifying.

The feel of the book, especially as it ratchets up to the big reveal/fight scenes throughout the ship? Excellent.

I think the only real problems I had with the book were:

  • It was too short! Novella length, but the premise alone could certainly fill a novel.

  • The technology was a bit odd at times (what exactly are they doing with ‘jumps’?)

  • The things in the dark between stars not actually being the monster? Awesome. But... what were they then?

Worth a read though! A debut author worth following.