Review: Mercy Blade

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #3

We’ve had plenty of chances in Skinwalker and Blood Cross to get used to the Vampires, Witches, and … well Jane and Beast of the world. We’ve even barely started to scratch the surface for how Vampires work and how they came to be.

So of course things have to get complicated.

Suddenly, we have Werewolves and other shifters; plus their own long history and mythical backstories. The first hints of the Fae. And even more crazy things.

“Not the creator god,” he said, “but a minor god, like the ones the Babylonians and the peoples of Canaan worshiped. A mythical creature who rides storm clouds, and who offers his loyalty to a person or family in return for a service, much like royal dispensation or a genie in a bottle. Some religious sects call them watchers, angelic beasts with a fondness for humans. They’ve been compared to dragons, but are much smaller and much more fierce, feathered, beaked, taloned rap-tors. But they aren’t real.”

Of course they aren’t.

And all throughout, we have a woman and her Beast, here to kick ass and save the day.

Unexpectedly, Beast rose from the depths of my consciousness and peered out through my eyes. Ugly dog, she thought contemptuously. Bad eyes. She was right. Bloodhounds weren’t bred to depend on sight. She sniffed through the elongated nose of the bloodhound and crept a little closer to the forefront of my brain, which was odd for her. Good smells, she thought at me. Good nose on ugly dog, she amended with reluctance.

On the other side, we have Rick and Jane. Oooh Rick. I get you’re an undercover cop and all that… but cheating is cheating... I don’t like that bit of the story at all. Especially not so soon.

It’s a fun addition to the series. It really feels like things are taking off now. Looking forward to what could possibly be coming next.