Review: Underworld: Awakening

Series: Underworld: #4

It’s been a while. Both since watching {{crosslink “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”}} and in universe.

I really like the idea of advancing the world. Bringing the Vampires and the Lycans out into the open. And the humans winning as, with their numbers, makes enough sense in this universe.

Selene: For 12 years, I was held captive by the humans. The world I once knew has changed. Vampires and Lycans are now the hunted.

The plot is… fine? It’s jarring shifting focus away from Michael–I wonder if there was a dispute over money there–but the new family is an interesting idea. The human/Vampire rivalry is cool; especially when it turns out they were secret Lycans all along . The Vampires just wanting to hide and live their lives is an interesting twist.

Productionwise, man the Lycans in particular look cheap. Especially with double the budget of any of the other films thus far. And there’s just so much gore. It’s a hallmark of the films, but… it was a lot.

Overall, it’s fine. An interesting idea but middling execution. I’m glad they took a chance on it. And I’m curious enough to see where they go next!

Random aside:

Lane’s Assistant: [Selene is holding Lane’s Assistant out of a window] Please! I’m the one who let you go!
Selene: Consider us even.
[Drops Lane’s assistant out of the window]

… it’s so dumb, but hilarious.

Also, I hope his name was Michael.

Mic drop.

Get it?