Review: Downton Abbey: Season 5

Series: Downton Abbey: #5

Oh goodness. Another season down and only one more to go (plus some movies?). I’m not ready!

This one has a few primarily focuses:

Mary and her men… weird. I kind of liked both of them, but so it goes. Hints at what’s to come.

Isobel and Violet (of all people) getting romantically entangled. That I did not expect, much less with who. It’s fun, if sad at times.

Rose, speedrunning the relationship thing, all with yet another new family for people to disapprove of. It’s interesting that her dating a black man went so poorly, yet this ends up much better?

And of course the Bates. Oh the Bates. I truly wish that Season 6 could be quiet and happy for them… but I’m not holding up too much hope for that one.

Overall, yet another solid season. Like I said, I’m not ready for the end! But all good things must. Onward!

Episode by episode (potential spoilers, especially for earlier episodes):

Episode #5.1

And so we return. Time has passed but less has changed. Edith’s not so sneaky, Mary has all the suitors, and life in England changes (slowly).

Oh Rose and oh Violet. Chaos gremlins the both of them.

Violet: If you can all put your swords away, perhaps we can finish our dinner in a civilized manner. Isobel: But I admire it when young people stand up for their principles. Violet: Principles are like prayers; noble, of course, but awkward at a party.

Oh Thomas. For a few moments there, I actually felt sorry for him. Now… I wish they’d never brought him back once again. And all that to one again save the day…

Episode #5.2

Oh Mary sending Anna to buy contraceptives. Delightfully awkward.

Lord Merton and Isobel? Also delightfully awkward. Violet makes it (as everything) better.

Lord Grantham… is in quite a form this episode. If not for the family all around him… would Downton still exist?

Episode #5.3

Oh Mary. What are you doing…

And poor Anna. Involved in not only all this but also Bates and Green. Still not sure if he actually did it… He certainly could have. But did he?

Had Lord Grantham suddenly changed for the worse? I don’t like it.

Episode #5.4

Oh all the chaos.

Isobel and Lord Merton. Mary and her men. Barrow, back on a making us feel for him kick. Ms. Bunting and the family. All the things.

Episode #5.5

Everything coming to a head!

Ms. Bunting leaving, Edith banned from seeing Marigold, and Lord Grantham was right about Bricker all along.

And new beginnings. Ms. Patmore has come into some money and Rose meets someone new.

All in all though? Violet remains the heart of the show!

Episode #5.6

Finally, closure for Edith. Oy. And finally a new adventure. Double oy.

And finally answers for what’s going on with Thomas. He’s so desperate. Dr. Clarkson is good people.

And then there’s Mr. Bates. If he didn’t actually do it–and it seems like he might have–then what in the world actually happened to Mr. Green?

Oh. Spratt and Denker are hilarious.

Episode #5.7

Wow. Mary got snarked up to eleven again. I do wish and hope they move on from Blake/Gillingham soon.

Yay meeting the Aldridge family! And an engagement!

Violet’s reasoning for her sadness at Isobel’s news? Daw. I hope them the best, even so.

And ooh Edith. Cora has plans! I have to agree with Aunt Rosamund. More secrets…

Episode #5.8

Violet: Love may not conquer all, but it can conquer quite a lot.

Suddenly, Rose is getting married! Not sure if it feels sudden or time jump.

Man they’ve got it coming from every side. At least Shrimpie seems supportive!

Violet: My dear, love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike.

Also… what in the world is up with Denker…

A Moorland Holiday

Main plot: A shooting holiday with the Sinderbys. Oh it’s fascinating to see a richer snootier family. With as many skeletons as anyone in this show.

B plot: The Bates. Oh, for a happy final season for them. Eventually. They deserve it…

C plot: Violet and the past. Oh Violet. And on top of that, Denker and Spratt. I liked Spratt at first; now I pity Violet the two of them.

Oh. And Christmas as well. Quite the long episode.

Side note: did they get more staff? Kitchen help, maids. Always in the background now, but never named and rarely shown clearly. Just kind of strange.