Review: Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 1: Berzerker

Series: Old Man Logan: #1

And now, after Wolverine: Old Man Logan in the apocalyptic future and Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 0: Warzones! in Battleworld, we’re finally back in the present–and, I assume, in the main universe?

Old Man Logan of course goes straight from shock to murder. If he’s in the past (from his own point of view), well then of course he’s going to have to fix the future.


What if this isn’t actually his past? What if it isn’t his future that he’s setting out to change?

It’s a neat idea, but a bit thin on execution. I would have rather him kick up a bit more trouble before starting to figure things out. Seeing an equally old Captain America (no idea what the story was there) was neat. But the real amusing part is the apart team up with Kate Bishop.

Not at all who I would have picked… but amusing!

So far, I’m not sure what to think. I really liked the world of Old Man Logan. Now we have Logan without that world. Bit of a bait and switch, but I suppose it has potential.