Review: The Orville: New Horizons (Season 3)

Series: The Orville: #2

3 year time jump!

Oh, there’s so much going on in this season.

Both large (Kaylon! Moclan! Krill! new friends and foes alike!) and small (so many relationships! new crew and old!).

It’s amazing to see how much this show has grown and changed. I just about bounced off the first few episodes, back when it was leaning hard into the humor and less into the sci-fi. But now… it’s amazing to see both the funny and the serious takes on all sorts of issues.

A delightful third season. If/when we get a Season 4, I’ll most certainly have to check it out.

Reviews by Episode

1. Electric Sheep

That’s quite a space battle intro!

Isaac staying with the Orville and having to deal with the fallout of the Kaylon… Hard.

Newcomer Charly is a lot. It’s called out in the show and has a lot of potential. But still, a lot. And I’m not buying the random super power to save the day. We shall see.

It’s a heavy episode to start the new season. I can only imagine it after a ~3 year break.

2. Shadow Realms

Well it certainly didn’t lighter.

After a cautious peace with the Krill, the Orville is granted permission to explore an unknown realm—one the Krill fear to tread, claiming it’s inhabited by demons.

So of course things go well.

It’s fascinating seeing this show evolve from what was, long ago, an over the top comedy show to episodes that are bordering on straight up horror. But here we are.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also get … Dr. Finn’s professor turned ex? Oops!

(This also goes well.)

3. Mortality Paradox

An uninhabited planet. Nothing on scans… and then suddenly… High School! Plane crash! Graveyard!

The actual reasoning behind it all though? Pretty cool when we finally get there. Yay continuity!

As a side note: it’s still weird that the Captain goes on away missions. Weirder that he generally takes his second in command. And most of his bridge crew. Leaving an Ensign in command.

4. Gently Falling Rain

Meetings with the Krill going so well, they’re about to send the bigwigs from the Planetary Union out to the Krill homeward to sign a treaty!

What could possibly go wrong?

Actually seeing where the Krill live is pretty cool.

Getting into the fallout of Ed’s relationship with a Krill and the Krill’s views on abortion… Well that’s certainly a choice. It’s a long way from where this show originally way. But it works.

And hey, they got that Ozymandias quote in.

Side note:

Oh Isaac.

This town will not accommodate the numerical totality of our mass.

Complete with hat and mustache.

5. A Tale of Two Topas

Topa is growing up!

It’s about time that we deal once again with the Moclan gender issues. And it’s really coming to a head now… Although there’s still far more that could be said. I wonder if we’ll see it this season yet.

I do find it interesting that the crew is unified in their support. I don’t buy it. Even if they would support Topa or have no particular thought in the matter, I find it interesting that they didn’t even hang a lampshade on any of of the crew supporting the union over the child of a crew member.

Oh this show.

6. Twice in a Lifetime

Time travel!

Gordon gets sent right back to our modern world—and when the crew goes back to rescue him, all manner of things go sideways.

Even when the pandemic came. When everything was falling apart. You knew. You told me it was going to be okay.

It’s the basic sort of time travel story that we’ve seen before, but it’s done well. And it’s fascinating (if weird) to see Laura again. And oh Gordon. There are no good choices here.

Forcing Isaac and Charly to go on a mission together? Now that’s something to see.

7. From Unknown Graves

Opening a conversation with a new species that’s strongly matriarchal—by lying and pretending Kelly is the captain etc and Ed/Gordon are valets—is certainly a choice.

You lied to us, in order to curry favor. And this is the basis on which you wish to form an alliance?


And at the same time, a plot line all around the history of the Kaylon—and how they got to the point they are today.

And on top of that we have some really odd relationships. Finn and Isaac (on again, off again) and Keyali breaking LaMarr (there has to be some way to deal with that).

It’s weird having all of that in one episode, but a fascinating bit of backstory and drama.

8. Midnight Blue

The Moclan plot with Topa really comes to a head in this one…

Oh the ramifications have been a long time coming.

I only wonder what could possibly come after this?

9. Dominio

And then, suddenly, a weapon that can blow up ALL THE KAYLON!

With the Moclans broken away from the union, this of course means A NEW WAR, WITH DIFFERENT ALLIES!

It’s quite a visual episode. I’m fairly impressed at the budget they must have gotten for this. That’s an awful lot of ships for the space battle. And cool armor to do the parajump with. Good times.

I didn’t expect Charly to actually die… . After it all, it was surprising to see.

10. Future Unknown

Moclan mating traditions are certainly a thing…

As is the relationship between Finn and Isaac. Wedding preparations are wonderful.

And then, the B plot. Why the Orville’s version of the Prime Directive is a thing.

Quite an ending (for now).