Review: Secret Wars

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #118

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #40

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Cataclysm): #7

So I picked up Secret Wars as a sort of conclusion to the Ultimate Universe. Without having read basically any of the leading material in the main Earth-616 lineup.

So… it’s a bit weird and confusing what’s going on.

Eventually, you more or less get the idea, but until then, it’s really like being dropped into yet another crazy chaotic patchwork world, with Doom as God.

It’s actually a pretty cool world–truth be told–with lots of variations on characters we’ve seen otherwise. I enjoy the idea of a whole army of Thors as the local police force. 😄

But eventually, we get a few stowaways from Earth-616 and … well, one* from Earth-1610 (the Ultimate Universe) I’ve been following (*: two technically, we also get Maker–yay…). And that’s really it. Eventually they have to save the day and rewrite time. It’s basically a way to kill off Earth-1610 and a bunch of other universes in order to simplify the overall multiverse?

Kind of sucks that untold billions have to die / never have existed for that to happen…

Overall: Interesting enough story, especially a few issues in where what’s actually going on becomes more clear. Ending is kind of lame. The reason Miles gets to stick around (despite his being the best storyline in a while from the Ultimate Universe) is … hilarious and weird.

I think it’s time to read something a bit less … all encompassing for a while.


Notes as I read. Spoilers.

No. No you can not.

I should go read more Guardians.

Spider-Man! He remembers! Maybe he can fill in the blanks for me. 😃

“The Man in the Sun”. Delightful.

More Heroes! From 616 this time! Things are coming together! Or falling apart. Or both!


Marvel Cosmology!

Ooh that’s sneaky.


Well that’s a scene straight out of Mortal Kombat.

Huh. So that’s how Miles cake to Earth-616 and got his mum back. Kind of crazy. But I like it.

Where in the world did he stash a burger in that suit?