Review: All-New Ultimates, Volume 1: Power for Power

Series: All-New Ultimates: #1

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #115

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #38

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Cataclysm): #4

So, a new team. It’s… certainly not the Ultimates, despite the name. More of a Spidey and Friends.

But you know? It works.

It’s a lot more local level, where Spider-Man really shines. It’s fun seeing Bombshell grown up a bit. Cloak and Dagger are great. Yay Jessica Drew.

And yay ish Kitty Pride? She’s been there since just about the beginning. Pretty crazy to think.

Anyways. I enjoyed it. Name doesn’t fit. Art (especially faces) is a bit off. But I enjoyed it.