Review: Ultimate FF: Strangest Ever

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #111

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #34

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Cataclysm): #1

Fantastic Four?

Nah, Future Foundation!

It’s a really weird story.

Random incursions from random dimensions. Animal people. Cyclops super heroes. Atlanteans.

And oy talk about tonal whiplash. Death and doom to animal people to kidnapping to quippy one liners to rape. All over the place.

And finally, the art. It starts off, a bit unfinished… but I kind of like it. But then it gets even more unfinished and cartoony. Not a fan.

Overall, a vaguely interesting story wrapped up in a lot of weird.

Not surprised this is all it got.


Notes. Spoilers.

That’s certainly a different art style. Feels unfinished. But I kind of like it?

Also, Ultimate Coulson? After all this time.

Girl power?

Mostly, it seems a weird time for a quip from someone not particularly known for one liners.

She has a point.

😆 Once again, not wrong.

I like this style even less.

… wat.

Yeah okay. That’s hilarious. Tonewise, truly bizarre. But hilarious.

A bit gross. Right.

… well that escalated quickly. Tonal whiplash yo.