Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis, Volume 5

Series: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011): #5

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #110

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #33

One Year Later.

Miles is done.

But then (Ultimate) Cloak and Dagger show up:

Origin story and all.

Crazy comic action. Touching family scenes. Motivational speeches. It’s really good.


Notes. Spoilers.

Katie Bishop? Few new characters under the sun…

I realize the irony of saying this while reading Miles Morales.

Cute. And accepting!

I need to see where Miles goes after whatever is coming up. I think he’s still around, yes?

Cloak & Dagger! And Bombshell!

Swearword. That’s cute!

No more work.

😆 I’ve missed the simple banter.

Yeah, Spider-Man gets the meta “make jokes about superhero media despite being in superhero media”. Is funny.

Ironic that.