Review: Age of Ultron: The Complete Event

So this was on the list of ‘Ultimate Marvel reading order’, primarily as a lead in to the events of Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand. That was not necessary.

I feel like most of these ‘big events’ have ended up being overwhelming. They just need more room to breathe than comics can give them. The ‘smaller’ scale comics (like Spider-Man) do so much better.

In any case:

A bit weird to be suddenly dropped into another universe with no idea what’s going on with all the characters I either know from the MCU or Ultimate line. But here we go!

Yup. Definitely not in (Ultimate) Kansas any more.

Crazy concept. Wonky time travel shenanigans. A decent solution. And yet another something happening after.

Onward to Cataclysm!

Notes. Spoilers.