Review: Werewolf by Night

Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe: #29.3

Series: MCU Phase 4: #6.3

Series: MCU TV: #9

I managed to skip by this last fall, much to my now dismay. It’s–only sort of an MCU special; focused on the monster/‘horror’ side of Marvel comics rather than the super-hero business. They do open with a sillouette of the heroes we know and love… before all color drains out.

What comes next? An introduction to a monster hunting family/society and a competition to win the mysterious ‘Bloodstone’–which gives you a sort of power over/against monsters. And then–the HUNT/BATTLE ROYALE!

I really did love the over the top style and characters. Jack Russel as the titular Werewolf--oh, comic book names is great; Laura Donnelly stands out as snarky heir-that-could-have-been Elsa Bloodstone (reminds me a lot of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones; both in appearance and mannerism); and oh Kirk R. Thatcher’s Jovan.

Artistically, it’s black and white used well (and probably keeps it barely in the R category, it’s bloody) and I love the stark lighting and sets that look like they’re out of early horror comics. The monster (Man-Thing) was done well as well. It would be fascinating if he ever crossed over to the more ‘mainline’ MCU…

Overall, worth the watch (albeit probably not for children). I don’t even know how to rate it (movie?/tv?) or categorize it (MCU or not?), but still, give it a try.