Review: Ultimate Comics: X-Men, by Brian Wood, Volume 1

Series: Ultimate Comics: X-Men: #4

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #104

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #27

So here we go again again (again?). Another Volume 1.

It could have been an interesting story. The Mutant Cure. The last 20 or so mutants (in the US/public). Divisions even among them. A Mutant Seed that can cure world hunger.

But it’s all moving so fast I barely even have a chance to get to know anyone we didn’t already know. And those left feel different.

If this has been the start of Ultimate X-Men, opening with Ultimatum? That would have been cool. As it is? Meh.

Almost to the end. Onward!

Notes. Minor spoilers.

Where do you even go from a story like that?

Handy. Mildly terrifying.

And so very temporary.