Review: Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Sam Humphries, Vol. 1

Series: Ultimate Comics Ultimates: #4

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #103

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #26

President Cap. Hydra. Fury doing Fury things.

It’s certainly a jam packed volume… but for all that happens, what has actually changed?

Feels like they’re trying to reboot a reboot while holding together entirely too much damage they (the writers) have done to this version of the universe.

Overall: it’s fine, but I’m not surprised that this line doesn’t last long. Being yet another Volume 1 doesn’t help. Onward!

Side note: Cap is a terrible President. 😃

Notes. Spoilers.

You know, I kind of get the commentators that are saying he shouldn’t be doing this. There’s a whole country that needs saving—especially now. Does the President ever have the time to save individuals?

As weird as it is… this storyline is really starting to grow on me.

Pun intended.

Here we go again?

Huh. Anthony is real enough to talk to external people. I somehow didn’t expect that. More and more interesting.

I thought this universe already had a Vision. Who was both more female and not on Earth anymore.

And what exactly is he going to do?