Review: Ultimate Comics: Divided We Fall, United We Stand

Series: Ultimate Comics Ultimates: #3.5

Series: Ultimate Comics X-Men: #3.5

Series: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011): #2.9

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #100

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #23

Things are … slightly more broken then I realized.

In the X-Men, we have Kitty Pride leading a very small band to war in the southwest. Things get hairy and they have to grow up fast…

In the Ultimates, Cap is back! And it’s up to him and some old friends to see what they can do to hold the country together. Both by force… and politically?

It’s certainly interesting to see politics by force … from the good guys. Not sure there are really any good options though.

And Spider-Man. Miles Morales. He’s so young. But apparently he’s going to do this one way or the other. So might as well have him on the team.

It’s a lot. And I’m sure we’re missing a bunch going on just outside of these stories. But I’m really enjoying it for the time being. Quite a ride.

It’s also interesting that we get really nothing about Xorn/Zorn or the People, given how large a shadow they’ve cast over the rest of the series thus far, but it’s the local(ish) fallout from that, so it makes enough sense. I do appreciate the slight reduction in scope for a moment.