Review: Spider-Men

Series: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: #2.5

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #99

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post-Ultimatum): #22

♫ Spider-Man. Spider-Man. ♫

Now we have TWO Spider-Men.

It’s another part of what became Into the Spider-Verse, with another Peter Parker getting shot across dimensions and meeting Miles.

It’s good fun all around. I’m glad to see the two get a chance to meet. And I’m going to have to check out some main universe Spider-Man at some point!

And I do wonder… what’s Fury going to do now that he knows about parallel realities… or apparently what Stark might do.


Notes. Spoilers!!

I did not expect this scene.

That’s hilarious. And given my background is the MCU, the Ultimate universe, and mostly bits and pieces otherwise… I didn’t actually know that.