Review: Ultimate Comics Avengers, Vol. 3: Blade vs. The Avengers

Series: Ultimate Comics Avengers: #3

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #87

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #10

You’ve heard of Marvel Zombies? Well if that wasn’t terrifying enough… what about Marvel Vampires!

It’s actually a really neat story. Blade shows up, so vampires are real. Only this time around, they’ve figured out that turning Super Vampires might just be their big shot.

Neat idea. Solid execution. A few more deaths. Marvel Ultimate yo.

By far my favorite Ultimate Avengers so far.


Notes. Spoilers.

… so that’s Blade all right.

And apparently a new Daredevil. Kill him off offscreen… for what?

  1. That’s quite a variant on the Daredevil costume… and he didn’t last long.

  2. Vampire Hulk. Oh my. I can’t decide if that’s more terrifying or if the weaknesses he might get level the playing field slightly.

Creative. Does it not count as torture and murder if it’s a vampire!

Edgar: 💕 Stella 💕
Stella: ❤️ Edgar ❤️

I love it.

The confidence… this won’t last long.

One panel. He lasted one panel.

He’s got a point you know.

Yeah okay. That’s a neat trick.