Review: Ultimate Comics Doomsday

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #84

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #7

It hasn’t been that long since Magneto and the Ultimatum wave killed millions. But apparently long enough.

So now another threat is popping out of nowhere and wrecking just about everyone. Time for those left to save the day… yet again.

I always knew that Reed Richards was up to no good. Perhaps not intentionally, but that much brains combined with a seemingly complete inability to know when something is too much… not a great combination.

It’s fine. Not great. Not terrible.


Notes. Spoilers.

Huh. All right.



… half: cheerful. Half: again?

That’s a fun take on it.

Modern Zola is interesting. I expect even the ones I don’t recognize are Ultimate versions of various heroes? (And villains)

Not entirely wrong.


Thor is back?

That escalated quickly.