Review: Ultimate Comics Avengers, Vol. 1: Next Generation

Series: Ultimate Comics Avengers: #1

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #81

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #4

Captain American’s back. With a bit of unexpected past come to haunt him.

Now we need a new team to bring him in.

Introducing: the Avengers! This time around the BlackOps version of the Ultimates. And oh that’s a team. Hawkeye, a new drugged up bug girl, a new Widow, War Machine (transformers style), Nerd-Hulk (seriously), and another Stark—with issues all his own.

This can’t possibly go well…


Notes. Spoilers.

Ultimate Cap vs Red Skull. Wonder where this is going to have come from.

Oh my. Between this and Wolverine’s, a lot of super progeny floating around.

… oh my.

Double oh my. That’s a potentially fun twist. Will he suit up? Something else?

Another one? That’s one with the X-Men (of sorts), the illusion from Mysterio, and now this.

With his reputation… oh my.