Review: The World According to Peter Parker

Series: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2009): #1

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #80

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe (Post Ultimatum): #3

Today, Peter is dating Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane and working at a mall food court instead of the now defunct Daily Bugle. Mutants are outlawed and the growing threat of the mysterious Mysterio takes the life of the once untouchable Kingpin of crime.

All that and after all these months, Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, reappears at Peter’s doorstep, exhausted and homeless.

Well that’s a switch. Especially considering at first everyone thought him dead… but I suppose in this case at least we never actually saw the body.

Yes, I’m aware of the irony, given for example Gwen.

It’s fun. Making up a team of sorts? Getting back to normalcy in a seriously screwed world?

I like it. I hope we get more.

For a while at least. I can see the titles coming up.


Notes. Spoilers.

That’s… pretty much exactly how I expected that’s to go.

Although the defenestrative yeet immediately thereafter … that was fun. And yes. I said yeet.

Half or so of those survived though, no? Although I suppose he might not know that.

That’s fun. 😆

Oh my.

The art style is certainly different but I think it’s growing on me.

Lol. Oh Peter.

Keeps getting funnier. This has potential.