Review: Ultimatum

Series: Ultimatum: #2

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #75

Well. That’s a thing.

Wrapped up in the events of Ultimate Spider-Man, we have Ultimatum: Magneto flipped the poles and killed millions—including a number of heroes we know. Knew.

It’s a bloody transition. A lot of it feels more designed to sock than anything. And it certainly does that.

If this were the beginning of the Marvel Ultimate Universe… the fallout could have been fascinating. I just hope what’s left is worth it.


Notes. Spoilers.

Among everything else… that’s pretty hilarious looking.

Cap in the afterlife? Sure. In Valhalla… that’s weird.

That… doesn’t make any sense.

He’s on the Brotherhood’s side through and through. Kill people, probably. Eat them… No way.

Oh my.

… delightful. I’m not overly surprised he survived that. How much more though?