Review: Ultimatum: March On Ultimatum

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #72

Series: Ultimatum: #0.5

More Annuals! Mixed stories!

X-Men/Fantastic Four hints at Ultimatum. Everything goes wrong. And a team back to stop it… but no luck there.

Captain America. And really the origin of Ultimate Black Panther. Is that all we’ll get of him?

Hulk. Naked. Fights. Eats. That’s really it.

Spider-Man and MJ being teenagers. Cute. But hardly earth shattering.

Overall, as always, a weird mix.


Individual thoughts (spoilers).

X-Men/Fantastic Four

Future X-Men, led by Captain America, back to prevent some future disaster!

By killing Reed Richards? I mean, he probably did it. But this will go badly.

She can do what now?

And then things got weird.

Fantastic Four/X-Men

And now, then! Getting to the future roots of the trouble.

Captain America

Oh interesting.

How the real Black Panther came to be—and came up be Captain America.


So there’s someone from some other universe that can go toe to toe with the Hulk. Who is naked. For reasons.

Spider-Man (3)

That’s a style switch…