Review: Ultimate Origins

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #73

And now we learn…

How it’s all connected.

That’s an awful lot of a story. The origin of super heroes and mutants in the entire Ultimate Marvel Universe. And the Black Panther. And the Hulk.

It’s a lot for one volume and… I really wish they’d established this earlier. It’s different enough to make a fascinating world and we’ve only gotten hints thus far. I want more! And we’re near the end.

So it goes.

On a side note (minor spoilers!), tying the origin of super soldiers to military experimentation of a young black man against his will… that’s kind of gross. It feels like taking a dark truth and trying to make something better of it. But there’s not enough room for the nuance that would need.


More notes. Spoilers.

For once it’s not Reed poking his nose into dangerous unknowable territory.

That’s such a twisted origin story. And yet, in this universe, it kind of works. Fury and Wolverine. The first (modern) super humans.