Review: Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 19: Absolute Power

Series: Ultimate X-Men: #19

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #71

What if mutants… but more?

That’s the idea behind the Banshee drug. Quite the power up for a lot of them. And secrets for the rest.

Interesting story, if weird time. Needs more space to breathe. If it were a standalone or much earlier in the series, this would be a much better volume. As it is, it doesn’t quite feel right.


Notes. Spoilers.

Huh. Weird time for that to come out. Potentially interesting though.

And then they’re all on it!

Except Wolverine. He is it!

… oh my.

We have no real hints at this Professor X throughout the previous 18 volumes. It could have been so cool. Alas.