Review: Empire of Ivory

Series: Temeraire: #4

There and back again… and now everydragon left behind in Britain is deathly ill! So of course it’s up to Laurence and Temeraire to save the day!

As it seems to be the case in each of these books past the first, we’re off on an adventure! Novik really does like showing off the world as it was in that time period. This time around, to the Cape of Africa (and eventually across the interior). We get to meet new and interesting friends, enemies, and dragons along the way; along with all sorts of fun* moral problems of the era (and in general).

Another solid entry in the series and worth the read.

Onward! And who even knows whereto next?!

Side note (minor spoilers):

Maximus coughed a while longer, but in the middle of the night towards the end of the week, they were all woken by a terrible squealing, distant shrieks of terror and fire; in a panic they burst out from the tents to discover Maximus attempting guiltily to sneak unnoticed back into the parade grounds, with as much success as was to be expected in this endeavor, and carrying in his already-bloodied jaws a spare ox. This he hurriedly swallowed down almost entire, on finding himself observed, and then pretended not to know what they were talking about, insisting he had only got up to stretch his legs and settle himself more comfortably.

The idea of a giant dragon sneaking literally made me laugh out loud.