Review: Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 9: Silver Surfer

Series: Ultimate Fantastic Four: #9

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #57

A perfect Utopia.

As problematic as one might imagine digging any deeper.

A Searcher—Surfer?—seeking those to fill it.

And Reed Richards, calling out into the universe for anyone—or anything—that night be out there listening.

It’s an interesting story, if a bit of a lackluster ending.

I do find it interesting how far the power scale in the Marvel Universe(s) goes. Uber powerful, unkillable monsters like the Hulk… and there’s always a bigger fish(tm).


Notes. Minor spoilers.

… he seems to do that a lot.

I give it 3-4 pages until he breaks out.

Later: a bit less than 2.

Quite a name.