Review: Ultimate Annuals, Volume 2

Series: Ultimate Annuals: #2

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #54

Fantastic Four is a duplicate and the Ultimates (focussed on Captain America) was weird, but I really enjoyed the X-Men and Spider-Man issues.

Individual reviews (very minor spoilers):


The fallout of Grand Theft America. Captain America not dealing well with his time shift—as we knew.

And of course…

… the ghost the the machine?

It feels less earned without any Captain America backstory in this universe.

Fantastic Four

Once again, already in Inhuman. It didn’t make much sense there and wasn’t that much more interesting—especially without any follow through.


Dazzler is awake! And Nightcrawler is perhaps not taking this well.

The only Nightcrawler I know is from the movies, so I don’t like this at all. Curious if we’ll get more of this story.


Been a while since we saw Spider-Man and his cop friend.

Did we know that?!

Daredevil and the Punisher showing up was fun though!

And Moon Knight!

That’s the problem with these two concurrent Marvel universes… I want to read more about all these characters but none of them have their own issues in the Ultimate universe. Such is life.