Review: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 16: Deadpool

Series: Ultimate Spider-Man: #16

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #52

Spider-Man and Kitty Pride are cute. So when Deadpool randomly shows up to kidnap the X-Men and take them back to Krakoa for that reality show hunt… Spider-Man ends up going along for the ride.

A whole lot of action here, if little in the way of any overarching plot. Fun enough.

Not a fan of this less ambiguous, straight up evil Deadpool. We’ll see if he comes back at some point though.


Notes. Spoilers.

😆 They’re cute.

Mask vs Mask! And now we get to see what Ultimate Deadpool has going on…


Costumes all torn… strategically.

Edit: Apparently Morbius is part of this volume?

And then he Morbed all over. Or something like that?

That’s… a very strange corner of the Marvel universes. I don’t know why vampires are weirder than anything else, but they are!

Plus, it’s barely an introduction.