Review: Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #50


Hulk got nuked. Of course it didn’t work.

So now it’s time to send something even more dangerous.

It’s a classic unstoppable force vs immovable object fight and pretty neat. And even then, a couple small twists.

I like it.


Notes. Spoilers.

So now they know. And they’re betting on Wolverine being more effective than a nuke.

Because Hulk was originally supposed to be gray. Amusing.

Told out of order. Because memory issues. I like it.

Well that’s a surprise. This could get very interesting.

It’s funny because it’s the opposite sides as Civil War (the issues of this volume started before Civil War, but ended several years later… it’s kind of crazy to imagine trying to read these in real time).

The build up to how Dr. Walters gets Hulked is well done… especially when it’s not even her. Didn’t see that coming. Injecting Hulk serum like that… that’s amusing.

Now to see if it actually works. My bet is on ‘sort of’.

I fully expect that to be a pun on Wolverine getting pieced out.

That is quite a power.

So Hulk probably can’t/couldn’t have killed him. But will he just regrow eventually? Or is he stuck like this for the time being?

… and this is also after being nuked? (Again for the Hulk…)

That’s nuts.

Will it work?