Review: The Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America

Series: The Ultimates: #4

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #51

Oy. An awful lot happens in this one.

We have a traitor in the Ultimates. Relationship issues abound (both Cap/Wasp and Iron Man/Black Widow). Death. Destruction. Mayhem.

And if that wasn’t enough, otherworldly invsions!

It’s way too much for a single volume, but man does it hit hard. The only real question(s) I have are… where in the world do you go after something like this.

Well worth a read, especially after the build up.

Notes. Spoilers.



This Captain America never really adjusted to the shift to modern life. It makes sense and interesting to read. But oy.

Holy oy…

Oy oy that escalated quickly.

Pride goeth before the fall.

So Pym and Widow? Oy.

Also Ultron.

And if that wasn’t enough…