Review: Ultimate Annuals, Volume 1

Series: Ultimate Annuals: #1

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #48

One issue from each of the current main series. A combination of cute and not great, all on the too short end. Spider-Man was by far the best.

Not sure what the point was.


Individual thoughts:

The Ultimates

The Ultimate Reserves! Three times the super soldiers, albeit mostly because of their suits.

Fury has himself a new arms race… and not everyone is happy about that.

Also Lieberman: Captain America 2.0. Inspiration for Falcon and the Winter Solider?

Fantastic Four

I already read this as part of Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 4: Inhuman. Didn’t care overmuch for it then.

Introduces the Inhumans… only for them to almost immediately take off. So it goes.


Rogue and Gambit, still on the run together. And then… Juggernaut. Rogue getting those powers is pretty amusing.

Super bummer of an ending if that sticks though. And so far… in this universe it mostly has.


Kitty Pryde and Spider-Man go on a super date!

That cute. A little out of order? But cute!