Review: Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 13: Magnetic North

Series: Ultimate X-Men: #13

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #45

Another magnetic mutant at Frost’s school loses control of her powers (or did she?)

Doesn’t matter! Lock her up with Magneto!

Nothing can possibly go wrong.

A solid volume, with some mutants facing off, X-Men vs the Ultimates, and all sorts of trouble setting up for another day.


Notes. Spoilers.

Emma Frost having her own school that’s more a school than excuse to train a super team is a neat plot line.

They have to have a better option than that.

Although I’ll admit that was not the problem I expected with it. Accidentally setting Magneto free as well by trying to help their friend. Oy.

Also mutants looking down on the Ultimates for not being mutants is greatly amusing. I hope we see that.


Oh that’s sneaky. 😆