Review: The Ultimates 2, Volume 1: Gods and Monsters

Series: The Ultimates: #3

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #44

Oh that’s good.

Finally, it comes out that Hulk is still around. After murdering hundreds. And now Thor is off the team (by choice) and it’s less clear than ever if he’s Thor—or a meta human with some serious psychiatric issues.

I love seeing the relationships in the series. Cap and Janet are great—I’m enjoying the slightly more unhinged / human Cap. Pym and Banner as science Bros with issues. Iron Man and Black Widow.

All of it great.

More of this please.


Notes. Potential spoilers.

Person of Mass Destruction.

It’s both early 2000s and kind of a good point. And Captain America is probably among the least ‘mass’ destruction of the Ultimates.

The idea that it’s still not really clear if Thor is really Thor … or a meta human with psychiatric issues is fascinating. I want more of this. I think the original Thor line may be more that than what we got in the movies? Worth looking.

So. By the end, will we have proof? Either way.

In expect not.

Black Widow in an Iron Man suit. I love it.

… that is bonkers.

Still not convinced.

But if this is the truth and Fury knew… this is potentially as bad as the Hulk honestly. Or even if it’s not the truth; Fury still knew.