Review: Ultimate Galactus, Volume 3: Extinction

Series: Ultimate Galactus Trilogy: #3

Series: Ultimate Marvel Universe: #42

And so it ends. Galactus is here, ready to destroy the Earth and everything on it. It’s going to take Ultimates, Fantastic Four, and X-Men alike to save the day.

But at what future cost?

A bit sudden of an end and in prefer the setup of the previous two volumes, but it’s still solid.

There are a number of potential far future issues laid out here. Curious what comes back to bite humanity’s collective behind.


Notes. Or else.

I wonder if living in the crazy world they do makes believing in God easier or harder.

Oh boy. Just wait another decade or two. World gets weird yo.


Vision is repaired? And… golden? And presenting somewhat more female than in the movies. Interesting.

That… is delightfully bonkers. I wonder if that’s going to mess up the universe stack somehow. If that’s something they’ll deal with at some point later, or just gloss over.

Not that that’s the only fallout potentially waiting for us.